Thursday, November 21, 2013

Back to Oahu: Bellows and Diamond Head

After our month long trip to the mainland, we were happy to be back on our "land", as Tristan would say.  It was nice not to have to live out of our suitcases anymore and we were excited to get back to the beach and play.    

Betsy is such a brave girl to ride these waves by herself.  You can still see a little fear in her face, but she's so happy after the wave is done.

This is how they were feeling after their surf sesh with dad.  

That first weekend we were back, we hiked the Diamond Head trail.  This was actually the first time we've done this hike, and lets just say that we will just check it off our bucket list and say we did it.  We don't really have a desire to do it again.  The day was really really muggy.  Dead air and hot!  Betsy was not interested in walking on her own, lovely.  I carried her on my hip the whole way up and most of the way down.  The trail was very crowded as well.  Bus loads of people decided to hike Diamond Head the same day as us.  What are the chances?      

Half way point.

These narrow, steep stairs made me nervous.  I feared that one person's tired legs would give out and they would take everyone out while tumbling down.  I made sure I held on tight!

And we made it!  

This is Betsy's attempt at taking a picture.  I love seeing things from their point of view.

Of course the view makes everything worth it!  Beautiful Honolulu:


Whitney said...

You guys get the most amazing pictures! The kids are so great. Bummer that the hike wasn't better. I don't know how you carried Betsy that far! I have a hard time holding Ever already. I'm a weakling.

Courtney Homer said...

So fun! Sad that it was so hot and poor lady having to carry Bets. But it's so pretty! I kind of want to do that hike now.

Bill Hastings said...

Love the surf pix -- and the b & w's of the kids are great! Never made the hike. View's pretty nice!